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Episode 173 – Stories So Good You Can’t Tell Just One

This week the Dead Robots settle in and discuss the topic of one-off stories versus series writing. Does every story need more than one book to tell it? How do you setup follow-ups? What should you avoid? Join us and tell us what you think. Enjoy.

Penguin Launches Book Country article

This week’s promo – HORROR ADDICTS podcast

Eliyanna also had this to say:

I really relate to Alison’s complaint about Harry Potter Book 7 and being stuck with Harry on his camping trip and missing all the action back at Hogwarts.

It reminded me of the best fan fiction book I ever read, Dumbledore’s Army and the year of Darkness, which is essentially Book 7 retold from the perspective of Neville. It’s a great read, so I thought I’d toss the link here in case other people wanted to check it out.



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