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I’m always happy to pass along podcasts that I think you — our listeners — might find worthwhile. The wonderful guys over at the Roundtable Podcast are still putting out a great show (and will also happen to be on tonight’s DRS episode to help me brainstorm my next book, but there’s another relatively new podcast I recently found about that you might like as well. It’s called the First Million Words Podcast, the name instantly capturing my heart since it’s based on Stephen King’s ON WRITING, the best book about the craft of writing I’ve ever read. King states in it that every writer should consider their first million words written as practice for the real writing to come. Ben and Guillermo are two guys just like the rest of us, struggling to understand what writing is and how to do it well, and each week they deliver a show that aims to help us all do just that.

Today I started listening to the episodes they did with author and occasional DRS guest Michael Sullivan, and the wisdom he lets flow has really been inspiring. I recommend that all of you head over to their site and give their podcast a listen. And, if you hear something you like, let them know about it and that we sent you.



  1. Fabulous! Sounds awesome… thanks, Justin. They’re officially added to my podcatcher rotation. (of course, this means I’m going to incur an even GREATER time debt in my weekly listening… maybe I’ll listen to everything at X2 speed!)


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