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Episode 236 – Small Presses And Space City Con

This week’s episode brought to you by:

The Loft Literary Center, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is one of the nation’s leading literary nonprofits and offers a wide array of online creative writing classes for all levels and genres. Online classes are offered seasonally. To register, visit

This week Justin, David Wood, and Ryan Span sit down to chat about small presses and what the first year of Space City Con was like. We hope you enjoy the show! And please check out our sponsor, the Loft Literary Center at

Here is a picture of the dealer room table for Gryphonwood Press at Space City Con 2012. David Wood and Ryan Span are setting up while Justin takes the picture.



  1. I just wanted to commend the podcast for championing cover art! I’m a cover artist (in fact I’ve worked with Gryphonwood Press) and I can’t tell you how hard it is to get most authors (even some publishers) to spend real money on their covers. Good on you guys!

  2. Click on the picture to enlarge it and get a view of the amazing work Christine did on Flank Hawk and Blood Sword by Terry Ervin!


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