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Episode 262 – From Dead Mech To Dead Mic

dead_mech This week the Robots sit down to chat with Jake Bible about his decision to stop podcasting his fiction. It was once seen as a great way to gain fans and attention, but is that the case? Are there better things we writers can do with our time? Sit down with us and see what you think.

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  1. I thought you guys and Jake made some great points in this episode. More power to Jake for his decision – it makes sense, but now hearing more of it from his point of view it really makes sense for his situation. When he said “Looking back for a year,” that said a lot. I think he’s made the right decision for him. Great episode guys.

  2. It was really eye opening to hear Jake say how little podcasting affected sales. Listening to Dead Mech, I was envious of his download numbers, and had ambitions at the time to narrate my novel. It seems though that the audiobook market is as flooded as podcasting. I can’t remember who said this, but on a podcast I heard someone question the merit in posting a free audio book of something you are trying to sell. I think his kick starter idea is great, because it will drive sales. I also wonder how much his podcast audience knows about his pennames, and if sales would flow that way had they known.

    My plan is to let audible podcast my novel and take a cut. If I can’t sell audio rights to my short stories, I will narrate those and include them in my podcast feed.

    Lastly, even if Jake could write full time, it might be better roi to spend his evenings reading. (Unless the kickstarter bonus makes roi worth it).


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