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  1. Dear Sirs,

    I’m sure you will receive a number of comments on the assertion made in this episode that cows have two stomachs. This is incorrect. They have four, but that also is not correct. They have one stomach separated into four specialized compartments. The first three compartments/stomachs are in origin modifications of the esophagus, the last stomach is the “true” stomach comparable to that of other nonbovine mammals. It is the only stomach functioning in calves at birth. The first stomach is where cow cud is produced, the others work to either further digest or filter what has been eaten to remove water or indigestible junk (scraps of wire, lost rings, etc.)

    The more interesting digestive system in my opinion though belongs to rabbits who also chew “cud” like cows. Unlike cows though, they don’t have compartmentalized stomachs. Instead, they have two kinds of poop…cud poop and poop poop. Cud poop tends to be somewhat larger, more fibrous and less compact than the final product. That said, I strongly suspect you really didn’t want to know any of this.

    Enjoy learning from your podcast, thanks.



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