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  1. Gents,

    Has something changed with the RSS feed? My podcast grabbing app hasn’t seen anything from you for a month or so and I thought that you were as dead as the robots.

    It seems to be because the mp3 file isn’t appearing in the feed as seen by the app. Obviously it is there when you browse it, but the simplified version of the page* doesn’t contain the mp3 when it used to.

    *You can see this if you use Evernote Clearly or the Evernote “article” view, so I don’t think it is an issue with the app. All of my other feeds are ok.

  2. Due to vacations and other nonsense, we missed a week or two of episodes in October. However, nothing else has changed in the feed. According to what I see on iTunes, we’ve had episodes all through November.

  3. I’m using Podget, which just checks pages in the RSS feed for .mp3 / .m4a / sound files. It might be that whatever you are using to host the audio (Flowplayer?) isn’t playing nicely with Podget.

    I’ll just go back to manually downloading the show!

  4. Well, whatever happened, everything is good again. My podcast downloader just recognized everything back to episode 419!


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