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DRS Episode 433 – Jennifer Melzer Talks Editing

Terry and Paul host professional author and editor Jennifer Melzer. We talk about editing strategies, common mistakes from new authors, epic fantasy, and a variety of other topics.




  1. High fantasy – magic (Wheel of Time)
    low fantasy – little to no magic (Game of Thrones)

    Urban can be high or low. (Dresden is like high urban fantasy, while vampire stories are low urban fantasies.)

    At least that is my understanding of it.

  2. If you think about – we can’t find any reading that satisfies us because the writers are trying to feed to the quick readers and not the actual lovers of literature.

    My teacher made it mandatory that we watch Nosferatu which is like the first idea of an aristocratic vampire.

    On your high fantasy topic – I think my favorite Malazan Book of the Fallen by Steven Erikson- has such a vast world.

    If we get tired of the books we use to read its time to find a new one – or if you are like me – its time to make a new one.
    ^ My sad excuse at it – but as always – your podcast made me chuckle and think a little before I head to bed.
    Writer of Diary of Fantastic Discoveries


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