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Month: May 2019

DRS Episode 546 – Revenge of Archivos!

Download Our good friend, bad ass narrator, the man with the voice of melted butter and the energy of an asteroid impact, Dave Robison joins us to talk story, Archivos, and a discount offer for DRS listeners. Until June 30th,…


DRS Episode 544 – Klingons Make Everything Better!

Download What makes your science fiction and fantasy sing? Having different cultures (and/or species) bumping into one another, either through conflict or cooperation. Face it. Everything goes better with Klingons. Like the show? Considering becoming a Patreon patron or purchasing…


DRS Episode 543 – Own Your Content!

Download Author and Narrator John Mierau joins Paul for a conversation about alternatives to current business models, the break down of social media, and how to form communities outside the advertisement-driven ecosystem. Like the show? Considering becoming a Patreon patron…