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Episode 14 – Guys Night Out

Well, in a move of unprecedented selfishness, Amanda took the night off because she was sick. Talk about rude, putting her health above the show. Hrmph! Be that as it may, our two stalwart and true man-boy hosts chinned up and soldiered on without her. In this episode they discuss topics raised on the forum, going into detail about their thoughts and feelings regarding a wide variety of discussion threads. Join them as they carry on without Amanda and her icky germs.


Dead Robots’ Society: Episode 12 – Nathan Hemmelgarn Interview

Welcome, everyone! Today we bring you a very special episode of the Dead Robots’ Society. In this episode we were fortunate enough to have the chance to interview Nathan Hemmelgarn, a professional editor, to see what life is like on the other side of the red pen of doom. He had plenty of insight to offer, as well as helpful pieces of advice. Come and join us as we pelt Nathan with question after question, testing his ability to stand against fiery oratory assault. It’s exciting and fun!


Episode 11 – The evolution of writing

In this week’s episode we discuss the topic of how writing evolves over time, be it in the outlining phase, in the actual writing phase, or even when it just comes to the ideas. Writing, like all art, is a living thing, and as with all living things, it changes over the course of its life. How hard that process is, or if it’s even allowed to happen at all, is in this show. So, come and listen!