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Congratulations to P.G. Holyfield!

A huge congratulations is in order for author and podcaster (not to mention hall-of-fame Dead Robot) P.G. Holyfield. Today he announced that Murder at Avedon Hill has won the inaugural Dr. John William Polidori Award for Best Vampire Novel of 2010. If you’d like to listen to the awards and hear his brief acceptance speech, please go to the Out of the Coffin podcast and check out episode 70.

Well done, Mr. Holyfield! I feel like we had a hand in getting you this honor (we didn’t, but I want to feel like we did anyway). I really hope you enjoy this award, and that it helps take some of the sting out of never winning a Parsec. 😉

In all seriousness, congratulations! We Dead Robots are very very proud of you.


DRS Special Episode – P.G. Holyfield Is All Grows Up

This week Ryan, Terry, and Justin sit down to discuss the upcoming release of P.G. Holyfield’s novel “Murder at Avedon Hill” published through Dragon Moon Press. The Amazon rush is happening 05/15 at 12PM EST. Be there with us!

PG will also be on Podioracket this Thursday (05/13) at 9PM EST.

This link to Amazon is live, but please wait to make your purchase until Saturday, May 15th at noon eastern, to help get those sales numbers as high as we can with the Amazon Rush!