Dead Robots’ Society: Episode 12 – Nathan Hemmelgarn Interview

Welcome, everyone! Today we bring you a very special episode of the Dead Robots’ Society. In this episode we were fortunate enough to have the chance to interview Nathan Hemmelgarn, a professional editor, to see what life is like on the other side of the red pen of doom. He had plenty of insight to offer, as well as helpful pieces of advice. Come and join us as we pelt Nathan with question after question, testing his ability to stand against fiery oratory assault. It’s exciting and fun!


Short Story Contest!

We at the Dead Robots’ Society are excited to let everyone know that we are hosting a short story contest. If you are interested in joining the fun, here are the rules:

1. The story can be no longer than 5,000 words.

2. The story must involve a robot, though how that occurs is entirely up to you, so be creative! A fantasy story, even a horror story, can involve a robot, so don’t think we’re wanting sci-fi writers only to become involved in this. The robot can be dead, alive, central to the plot, or just one of the many characters you have in your story. We leave its involvement entirely up to you.

3. The story must be submitted by December 31st.

And that’s it! The winner of the contest will win a Dead Robots’ Society t-shirt autographed by the hosts of the show, and of course – if the winning writer permits it – we will display the story on our main site as well as in the forums so that everyone can read it. I hope we get plenty of submissions, and I hope everyone has as much fun with this as we’re planning on having


Episode 11 – The evolution of writing

In this week’s episode we discuss the topic of how writing evolves over time, be it in the outlining phase, in the actual writing phase, or even when it just comes to the ideas. Writing, like all art, is a living thing, and as with all living things, it changes over the course of its life. How hard that process is, or if it’s even allowed to happen at all, is in this show. So, come and listen!


A. Lee Martinez graces the hallowed metal halls of the Dead Robots’ Society

Hi, everyone. Episode # 8 is not your normal show. This time, instead of you listening to a bunch of unpublished writers wax philosophical about their craft, you are going to have the pleasure of listening to someone who’s actually done it. Writer A. Lee Martinez, who has published three novels (“Gil’s All Fright Diner,” “In The Company Of Ogres,” and “A Nameless Witch”), with a fourth coming in a few months, was gracious enough to sit down with Justin Macumber and do a personal one-on-one interview., right in his own robo-home. So, settle in, lean back, and enjoy.

If you want to learn more about A. Lee Martinez, you can visit his website at, and he also has a MySpace page at


Come get yer pipin’ hot podcast! Episode 7 – Getting Started ready for consumption!

Hey, everyone, just letting you know that our latest episode is up and ready for download. In this episode we discuss the process of actually getting started on our projects. We’ve done the research, we’ve written (or not written) our outline, we’ve got our characters, and now we actually have to write the darn thing. Where do you start? Come and join us while we discuss this and more.


Episode 6: Universe Building Part 2 – Electric Boogaloo

Yeah, all you happy robotic compers! Just wanted to let all of you know that Episode 6 of the Dead Robots’ Society is out, and in it we continue our discussion on universe creation. Hey, the universe is a big place, and that requires a lot of talk! You try getting it all done in one hour! So, come and join us as we flesh out our individual processes, get those universes put together, and continue on forward in getting those stories written.


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