Episodes are on the way!

Wow, the job of getting a podcast up and running has been harder than I thought it would! There are so many things to contend with and aspects to manage. It’s a wonder any podcasts ever get off the ground. Be that as it may, tonight we recorded our first official podcast, and hopefully it will be up soon, along with Episode Zero, which is where we try to let you – the listener – know who we are as writers and as people. Please check back soon for our episodes, and thanks for coming by.


Hello, And Welcome!

Hi, everyone! My name is Justin Macumber, and I am one of the co-hosts for what we are hoping will be a weekly podcast of aspiring writers who are seeking to help each other and the millions of other aspiring writers out there reach the promised land that is book publication. I hope everyone enjoys the podcast we put out, and I hope you all enjoy your time here. Comment, contribute, be involved! The more we help each other, the more we help ourselves.

 And with that, I bid you farewell. Thanks for coming by.


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