Podiobook Projects

The hosts here at the DRS are all interested in creating audio content for podiobooks and for having people use our voices in their own work. If you’d like to see what we’re up to, perhaps volunteer for any open roles or help out in some other way, or look at our voice acting credits before asking us to audition for a role in your production, this is the place to do it.

Ongoing Productions:

Flinchy and the Mexican Show Truck: Flinchy is an audio drama by P.G. Holyfield and Patrick McLean. The quick description, from Patrick McLean’s website: “So PG Holyfield and I set out to play golf one day. The course played weird. And the weird just kept going. Suffice to say, we may never be the same. But hey, at least you get a 100% completely truthful, honest-injun, as it happened story…” Season 1 (four episodes) was released in late 2008. Season 2 will be released later this spring.

Murder at Avedon Hill: (P.G.’s Project – Complete!)This is P.G. Holyfield’s first podcast novel, which has been in production since June of 2007. Over 15,000 have given this podcast novel a try… why not you? MaAH is fantasy/murder mystery that has been described as “Agatha Christie meets J.R.R. Tolkien.”

Tales of the Children: P.G. Holyfield has opened up his setting to other authors, and the result is an anthology of short stories that touch upon at least some aspect of the pantheon of Caern, The Children of Az. There will be video and audio components to this podcast.

Tales Of The Breaking Dawn: (Justin’s Project – Initial Stages) As of this date, the initial story told in the Breaking Dawn universe is entitled “The Ties That Bind,” which is currently being published in four parts by Ray Gun Revival. You can find the first story in issue #52. It is a science fiction story set in a universe where mankind is a minor element of a larger galactic community, and the story focuses on the crew of the Breaking Dawn, a star-freighter that is constantly one mission away from destitution, and where pirates hide behind every asteroid. Justin plans on writing more stories if these first four prove to be successful. Part One of the audio drama is now available.

Our Voice Acting Credits:

Each of us is working hard to let people know we like voice acting. We all would love for you to have us audition for one of your roles. To let you know what our history in this field is, we’ve decided that credit pages are in order.

Justin’s Voice Credits
P.G.’s Voice Credits
Ryan’s Voice Credits
Terry’s Voice Credits