Terry’s Voice Credits

In alphabetical order:

Children of the Gods (Sci-Fi)

Foxtrot Lead (Recurring)
Carlos DeSantos (Bit)
Damage Team Lead (Bit)
Dock Worker 1 (Bit)
Dory (Bit)
Furious Crew 3 (Bit)
Medic 1 (Bit)
Stephan (Bit)
Tech 1 (Bit)
Tech 2 (Bit)

Cowrey Catchers (Fantasy)

Arundel (Recurring)
Farell (Recurring)
Butler (Bit)
Castle guard (Bit)
Security guard (Bit)
Unnamed Captain (Bit)
Unnamed wyvern (Bit)
Various sailors (Bit)

Fruitcake Lovers (Erotica – NSFW)

Mr. Jacobsen (Recurring)

Strip Laser Tag (Erotica – NSFW)

Narration and all parts

The Jazz Club Stories (Erotica – NSFW)

Ethan (Recurring) – Recorded under my Wine Maker pseudonym
Narrator (Recurring) – Recorded under my Wine Maker pseudonym

Pirates of the Crimson Sand (Sci-Fi)

The Skulper Captain (Bit)

The Ties that Bind (Sci-Fi)

Boo (recurring)

If you’d like to have me audition for a part in your production, I’d be happy to read for the role. Just ping me with some lines with dialogue directions at terry@eknifeshop.com.


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