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Episode 302 – Being A Career Writer

The Robots return to talking about business. This time we’re laying the foundation for a series of episodes on business. The start of that is to know what it means to be a career writer. In this case, as in many others to come, inspiration is drawn and quotes are made from the business writing blog of Kristine Kathryn Rusch. You can read the specific post here. Do yourself a huge favor and go start reading.

Paul was just on Mythwits. Go check him out.

Also mentioned was The Copyright Handbook by Nolo Press. A must have reference.


Episode 294 – The Business of Writing Part Deux with J. Daniel Sawyer

Author and podcaster J. Daniel Sawyer joins the Robots to expand on last week’s conversation on business. Come join us and benefit from his experience.

Take a few minutes to go check out Dan’s website. He has a lot of really great stuff there just for you.

You can also support him by buying one of his books. Perhaps Throwing Lead. Check him out.


Episode 293 – Getting Down To Business

Join the Robots as they talk about some of the business aspects of being an author. DBAs, LLCs,taxes, contracts, and agents.

Check out the cover for Dirty Magick: Los Angeles. The cover was created by Trent Oubre.


J. Daniel Sawyer’s posts on the principles of contracts.

Scott mentioned several business posts I sent him. I’m linking to some of them below. While I don’t agree with everything that author Dean Wesley Smith says about publishing, I agree with most of it. At the very least, it’s worth reading and thinking about. In the end, we all have to decide what’s right for our business.

Think Like A Publisher

The Early Decisions
Expected Costs
Projected Income
Production And Scheduling
Return On Investment
Sales Plans

There will be more as he rewrites the small book he published last year and posts the chapters on his blog.

Also of interest is his Killing The Sacred Cows of Publishing posts. Many will find his opinions controversial, but again they are worth reading and thinking about. I’m willing to wager Paul disagrees with him on a lot of this. 😉

Only One Way
Speed: Writing Fast Is Bad
You Need An Agent To Sell A Book
Book As Event
Selling A Book To A Large Publisher Ensures Quality

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention his wife, Kristine Kathryn Rusch. She’s also a longtime author with the absolute best weekly blog posts about the business of writing. Posts are published on Thursday. Run, do not walk, and subscribe to her feed. Then read some of the stellar articles on the business side of being authors that she’s already published.

Now I’ll climb off my soapbox. I promise. 😉


Episode 285 – An Argument For Self-Publishing

This week the Robots sit down to chat about the publishing industry, and more specifically self-publishing. A great deal has changed in the past few years, and the gatekeepers are nearly out of a job. Let us know what you think? Enjoy!

Items mentioned during the show:

Word Tracker app for iOS

The Magic Spreadsheet (used by Mur Lafferty and many other writers)

The Arcane Society Files

The Business Rusch: A Career Versus Publication