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Episode 295 – The Paul Elard Cooley Makeover Show

Author and publisher David Wood and author and podcaster J. Daniel Sawyer join the robots in giving Paul some branding advice. Join us and be sure to send your comments and thoughts to Paul as well at show@deadrobotssociety.com.

We looked at and discussed the first four works in Paul’s Garaaga’s Children series. If you haven’t read them, correct that lapse immediately.

David’s home page is http://davidwoodweb.com

Read some of his Dane Maddock adventure novels:

His newest book Atlantis will be out in a few weeks. Keep an eye out for it.

You can also catch him on the ThrillerCast podcast.

Check out his imprint at Gryphonwood Press.

Dan’s home page is at http://jdsawyer.net

Check out his Free Will podcast and The Next Ten Thousand Hours podcast from the links on his page.

You can also read what he has to say about producing audiobooks in his book .


Episode 266 – Back Cover Blurbs

This week the Robots talk about back cover blurbs. These are important marketing tools that no author should ignore.

This week’s promo – Garaaga’s Children: Ancients by Paul Elard Cooley

Also mentioned is the Five Guys In A Limo video. The dialog may be cheesy, but the example of how to use active voice is critically important for back cover copy.

Finally, I mentioned a new publishing distribution site simialar to Smashwords, but (in my opinion) much, much better. I incorrectly called it Direct 2 Digital. It is in fact Draft2Digital.com



Episode 262 – From Dead Mech To Dead Mic

dead_mech This week the Robots sit down to chat with Jake Bible about his decision to stop podcasting his fiction. It was once seen as a great way to gain fans and attention, but is that the case? Are there better things we writers can do with our time? Sit down with us and see what you think.

Jake’s Website
Jake’s Amazon Page
Jake’s Facebook Page
Jake’s Twitter Page
DEAD MECH on Podiobooks.com

This week’s promo – Masked Marauder Matinee