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Part One of “Tales Of The Breaking Dawn: The Ties That Bind” is finally released!


* Direct Download *

Hey, folks, Justin here. I’ve been talking about doing an audio version of my short story series for months now, but finally it’s coming out. This is part one of the four-part series “Tales of the Breaking Dawn: The Ties That Bind,” a science fiction story about the star-freighter Breaking Dawn and its crew. I hope you like it. For a first attempt, I think I did fairly well, but I’m kinda biased. Please send me feedback letting me know what you think. My email address is justin@justinmacumber.com

Also, so that everyone else who worked on it gets their proper kudos, here is the cast list:

Justin Macumber – Narrator
Kimi Alexandre – Captain Jessica Quimbly
Terry Mixon – Boo
PG Holyfield – Cam
Ryan E Stevenson – Ferron
J Daniel Sawyer – Jack
John Mierau – Duka
James Batchelor – Dock Robot