Worlds Apart – The Audio Production

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This week, instead of our usual round table discussion, we present to you a very special episode – “Worlds Apart,” the winner of our Third Annual Writing Contest. The story was written by Michelle Ristuccia, and Terry Mixon not only produced the audio production, but also narrated the story along with the wonderful Kimi Alexandre. We hope you enjoy.


10 Responses to “Worlds Apart – The Audio Production”

  1. It’s very well done. I knew it was an emotional piece, but somehow hearing Terry and Kimi read it brought that out even more. I like the simplicity of the transitions between narrators. I’ve already gotten compliments because of your hard work bringing it to life. Thank you!

  2. Michelle, it was an honor and a pleasure. Thank YOU.

  3. Kimi says:

    I loved the story and really enjoyed voicing the part of the female. Thank you for asking me to be part of this great story! Great work Michelle and Terry!

  4. Agamemnon says:

    Great read, and a good story…Congratulations on winning.

  5. Tim Schneck says:

    Great story and great work on the audio production as well…….

  6. Terry Mixon says:

    It was a great story and a lot of fun to record and produce. Kimi made me sound good in comparison, I’m sure. Thanks everyone.

  7. Congrats, Michelle, on writing a wonderful story that left me wanting more. And kudos to Terry and Kimi for doing such a wonderful job on the production and voice work. And Terry, you’re right, Kimi has an amazing voice. Both characters were completely believable.

  8. Thank you all for your comments!

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  10. Loved it, loved it, loved it!!!!

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