Episode 319 – Looking At Writing From Another Point Of View

Join the Robots as they discuss the use of first and third person in fiction.


Episode 317 – The Balticon Recap Episode

Join the Robots as they talk about Balticon 2014. What did they accomplish and what are they doing next.

Terry apologizes for the quality of his audio. Google didn’t want to let him in and he was on a phone. The issue has been resolved.

Terry also recommended Deposit Photos as an inexpensive place to get stock images.


Balticon 2014 Live Special Episode

Hosts Paul E. Cooley, Scott Roche, and special guest host J. Daniel Sawyer met the fans at Balticon 2014. At the end of the show is a read by Scott. Enjoy.


Episode 316 – Authors And The Convention Experience

Join the Robots as they talk about authors and the whole convention experience.


Episode 315 – Discoverability: Pricing And More

Join the Robots as the discussing pricing and how it affects discoverability.

Also, go buy Paul’s new book, The Street. Seriously.


Episode 314 – Living On The Street With Paul E. Cooley

Join the Robots as they celebrate the release of The Street with Paul E. Cooley. Head over to ShadowPublications.com and get your copy today. Also, put down your drinks before you listen to the show.

You’ve been warned.

What happens when your favorite childhood television characters are forced into unemployment?

What is a puppet to do when corporate America shuts down the television stations and educational shows that gave them purpose and a reason to live?

Pretty much any and every thing that a down on his luck human would do… and much much more.

It’s a rough and tumble debauchery-riddled descent into madness and moral degradation as your favorite childhood friends do whatever it takes to survive and turn a profit… no matter the costs.

One unlikely anti-hero steps out of the trash-strewn alleys to take back what was lost. Friends will be sacrificed. Enemies will be made. The seed and dough will run red with greed and lust.

It’s just another day…

… another day on The Street.


Episode 313 – Discoverability And Social Media

Join the Robots as they talk about discoverability and social media.


Episode 312 – Discoverability, A General Introduction

Join the Robots as they talk about discoverability. How do people find your book? Part one of several episodes on the subject.


Episode 311 – Talking Still Water With Justin R. Macumber

Join the Robots as they talk with Justin R. Macumber about the April 22, 2014 release of his new horror novel Still Water.

Also, we just found out we had a Wikipedia page.


Episode 310 – Reviewing Lion’s Blood by Steven Barnes

Join the Robots as they review Lion’s Blood by Steven Barnes.

Show teaser is for John Mierau’s podcast Farlost, which you can find at http://johnmierau.wordpress.com.


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