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Amanda wrote:

Well, if any of you have been wondering where I am, I got sick. Yes, AGAIN. Gah. Though I think this time it might have been more allergy than germ related, since I contracted my “illness” on Wednesday and I’m already feeling pretty much back to normal. (Though my voice still sounds like crap) Regardless, I’ve been out of the online world since about Wednesday. My evil 37 hour week is finally over and I’ll be working a mere six and a half hours on this likely-to-be-insane Easter Sunday. Yay. I’ve got a lot of days off this week so maybe that will help me catch up with all the things I’ve been putting off (*coughwriting&voiceworkforJustincoughhack;*) and also give me some time to relax and hopefully keep from burning out on my job completely. Dunno what I’m going to do about next week, though. We’ll see…one crazy part of me is half considering throwing open the floodgates on my schedule and going full time just to have something different to do, but I doubt with my “limited availability” they’ll like that suggestion. Something to think about, though. I would like more money, especially since I’ve been saving up for a laptop for almost a month now and I’ve still only got about $750…(I really am excited to get a laptop, though, because I think it will vastly improve my writing productivity, not to mention my online presence. In fact, I’m sure it will be a good thing for me all the way around.)

Anyway. I’d better get upstairs before mom finishes making pancakes, and also I should probably make some attempt at getting ready for work this morning. =P

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