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[Justin]: New short story has been published

Justin wrote: Well, it looks like my short story series “Tales Of The Breaking Dawn” is finally getting released to the world. Part One has just been published by the fine folks at Ray Gun Revival. Parts Two, Three, and…


[Justin]: This weekend sucked

Justin wrote: My weekend started with my microwave going out. It has been kind of wonky for weeks now, but Saturday morning it decided to finally give up the ghost. And, of course, it wasn’t a standalone counter microwave. No,…


[Justin]: A quick update

Justin wrote: optical communication A few bits of news to make sure this place doesn’t completely get forgotten. One, I’m still unemployed. I’ve sent out dozens of applications, but so far none have gotten back to me, and that is really…


[Justin]: Finally, a brain burst!

Justin wrote: Argh, since losing my job I’ve had the hardest time getting my head back into a writing mode. One day I’ll wake up ready to sit down and hammer those keys, and other days I’ll look down at…


[Justin]: Word Count

Justin wrote: Since I’ll be writing full time, I figured it would be a good idea to make a daily post detailing my accompihsments. Here is what I have today. Man, I had a productive day! I’m finally getting into a routine, and…


[Justin]: 25 Random Things About Me

Justin wrote: Got the idea for this from a Facebook meme that’s been going around… 1. I still walk through the toy aisles at Target even though I don’t have a kid. They’re for me. 2. I think George Lucas…


[Justin]: The next phase of my life

Justin wrote: Tomorrow begins the next phase of my life. Today was the official start of it, I guess, since it would have been my first day back to work after vacation, but today I also spent a lot of…