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Amanda wrote:

Damn. Do I know how to neglect this thing, or what? Heh.

Unfortunately most of the things that are happening to me at the moment I’d either like to keep to myself or share with close friends, so blogging about them publicly seems a little dumb. Suffice it to say I’m exhausted but happy, with increased hours at work, a little more money, and the same friends I’ve loved hanging out with ever since I started this job. Wednesday is going to be my 7 month anniversary, which isn’t as pretty a number as 6 but there you have it. This weekend was awesome for various reasons, some of which involve large amounts of caffeine. (Well. Large for me. Since my sensitivity to caffeine is practically legendary the rest of you would probably laugh at how little I actually consumed, but whatever.)

Recently I’ve spent entirely too much money on clothing, though who can blame me when one of my favorite shops ever was absolutely bursting with $3, $5, and $7 racks full of adorable tops and jeans? You can’t beat getting a great pair of jeans for $7, I don’t care who you are. But the fact that my dad got a shiny new laptop and my mom got a shiny new iPod on Saturday, thus totally outstripping me on the technological front, has kind of made me realize I should probably start saving up if I actually want to catch up with the rest of the world and listen to my music on something that doesn’t look and feel like a paperweight. On the bright side, I can occasionally borrow my dad’s laptop when he isn’t using it, which might help my writing productivity. I’m a little behind on my Cool Secret Project, mostly because of work, but I haven’t abandoned it by any means so it’ll be nice getting back to that.

I also went to my very first play on Saturday, and even though it was a high school production and I got there about forty five minutes late, I enjoyed it anyway. ^_^ One of the boys I know at work was in the play too, so I had a great time cheering him on. Next time I’ll try and get there a little earlier so I don’t end up camping out on the steps upstairs during the first act… *grin*

And that’s pretty much all my news. 🙂 Hope life is treating everyone well these days. It’s been good to me the past week.

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