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Amanda wrote:

A day late but not a dollar short, I am happy to present you all with Episode Two of Dreamfall! (Holy crap. I actually did something I said I’d do. SHOCKING.) My only regret is that it took me a little longer to post than I expected. Unfortunately I had some first draft issues that needed resolving. I’m glad I did what I did, though. Yet more proof that first drafts are allowed to suck, and that second (and third) drafts are very, very good things. 🙂

Happily I’ll have plenty of time to recharge my creative batteries since I’ll be going camping tomorrow and will have lots of time to rest whenever I feel like it! Yes, if anybody needs me, I’ll be up in the Smoky Mountains wrestling bears, rabid squirrels, and Vols for the next two and a half days. Of course, blogging will occur upon my return, and I’ll be sure to jot down any story ideas that the peaceful forest pops into my brain. In the meantime, please enjoy Episode Two!

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