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Episode 42 – Rayguns, Robots, and Rockets!

Greetings, Robots! This is Justin Macumber Amanda Cales speaking. Oh, what, you thought Cap’n J-Rock was the only one with show note powers? Haha, think again, oh faithful listeners. In this episode we talk about genre, specifically everybody’s favorite high-tech futuristic playground: Science Fiction. (What else would you expect from episode 42???) So get out your favorite towel and a glass of prune juice, kiddies, ’cause it’s time to talk Sci-fi with the Dead Robots!

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Mandaray’s Music Profile (because Ryan WILL pay for even suggesting I might like Miley Cyrus)

Amanda Cales. Kurichan. Aray. Born August 2nd, 1988. (That's right, suckers. My birthday's coming up soon. Send gifts!) Resident of Knoxville, Tennesse, USA, Earth. Lives with two cats and a German Shepherd, as well as a couple of people who insist they are genetically related to her. (She does not believe them.) Aspiring writer. Skilled cook. Learner of Wiki code. Doctor Who fangirl. Obsessive RPGer. Lover of movies and technology. LOLCat enthusiast. Girl. (the only girl on the podcast, I might add!) Listener of awesome music. Maker of webpages. Wrangler of gibbons. Tomb Raider devotee. Wiki addict. Podcast host. Queen of the Wiki! Website: IM program of choice: MSN messenger (amanda_cales AT hotmail DOT com Skype: amandacales Blog: Favorite Ice Cream flavor: Mint chocolate chip Works completed: Two novels, both in the rough draft stage, and one Doctor Who short story, which was written for a contest. I didn't win. Preferred genre(s): Fantasy, sci-fi, but I'm open to writing pretty much anything from chick-lit to mystery. Secretly I plan one day to do it all. =D


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