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Episode 66 – Doin’ It Yourself With Matt Selznick

Hello, and welcome to yet another episode of the Dead Robots’ Society. This week we sit down to discuss the topic of DIY (Do It Yourself) in regards to getting your writing career going. Not everyone wants to go the “traditional” route, and some have no other choice, and to assist us along that path we have the helping hand of the great and powerful Matthew Wayne Selznick. Enjoy!

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    Money is the only thing the US does in the metric system. (Oh, you do know that Canada is bigger than the US)(This isn’t really the now national anthem is it? )

  2. Well, considering that Benjamin Franklin wanted our national bird to be the turkey, maybe we should put a big one of those on the coin. Then we could call it the “Gobbler” or something. ๐Ÿ™‚


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