Episode 71 – Stopping The Presses With Anthony Gallegos

This week, in a rare act of daring (or stupidity) Justin goes it alone, but to help him not make a fool of himself he has the pleasure of interviewing someone representing an avenue of writing we have yet to cover – journalism. We’ve talked with novelists, podcasters, TV writers, and game writers, but journalism is something we’ve manage to miss. Until now. So, settle in and enjoy as we talk with Anthony Gallegos and learn about the art of writing reviews and features for print and online sites. Anthony was former a writer for Electronic Gaming Monthly, Computer Gaming World, and 1UP.com, but now he is a freelancer and an independent podcaster.


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Oh, and for fans of Matthew Wayne Selznick, pick up a copy of his new chap book. And when you do, tell him the Dead Robots sent ya.


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