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The Dead Robots’ Society and Ray Gun Revival Join Forces! Universe quakes in fear!

That’s right, the Dead Robots’ Society – the podcast all of you have come to know and love – and online-magazine Ray Gun Revival have teamed up to try and bring a little bit of that old time space opera magic back into your lives. Starting today, we will be offering their monthly issues via our RSS feed, making it that much easier for you good folks to get and enjoy their fine publication. And, of course, it is completely free.

Now, some of you might remember that we interviewed Mr. Paul Glenn of Ray Run Revival on our show back on August 9th of last year. He talked about the passion his magazine had for reviving space opera, his love of science fiction, and his desire to bring new talent to the world. A month later, in issue #46, they published my short story entitled “Dark Running,” and soon they will be publishing my four-part short story series “Tales Of The Breaking Dawn: The Ties That Bind.” We believe deeply in what Ray Gun Revival is about, and they believe in us, so this is a perfect match. Please, join me in thanking Paul, Johne, and Lee of Ray Gun Revival for their support, and make sure to give their magazine a read, as well as your submissions!

And with that, let me also say thanks to all of you for listening and for being a part of this endeavor. We wouldn’t be here without you, and if you weren’t listening we’d just be talking to ourselves in the dark. Isn’t that a depressing thought? Thank you so much.

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  1. Ray Gun Revival believes in what the DRS is all about, as well, and the Overlords are delighted to continue not vaporizing your puny planet as a result of this partnership! So listen to the Dead Robots’ Society, and read Ray Gun Revival, and all will be well! Mwahahahaha!


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