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Episode 77 – Making Text Talk With Nathan Lowell. Oh, and PG Holyfield has become a full-time host on the show!

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I know what you’re thinking: A new episode? It’s only Wednesday! We don’t usually get our audio gifts bestoyed upon us until Saturday! Well, things are changing a little around the ol’ Dead Robot offices. This episode has not one treat, but two. Not only do we get to talk about podcasting fiction with the incredible Nathan Lowell, but we also announce that PG Holyfield has joined the Dead Robots’ Society as a full-time host. Please, join me in welcoming him to the fold. And, with that, enjoy the show!



  1. Welcome, P.G.! Perhaps you can lend some gravity to this podcast (and decrease the usual dogs-frolicking-at-a-dog-park sort of feel that we all know and love). 😀

    All 5 of you are actually in Cowry Catchers (I hope). I asked P.G. a while back, and he said yes, but he may not remember. I wasn’t going to mention it again until he finishes MaAH. The man seems stressed.

  2. How can you POSSIBLY squeeze any more personality into one podcast?
    Will Ryan have to curb his Rage?
    Will Terry have to be more specific about his likes/dislikes?
    Will Justin have to give up saying *gulp* “Sacre Bleu!!”?

    These and many other questions will be answered in our next episode. . .
    Don’t touch that dial?

    (Surfside Jack)

  3. Okay, coupla things:
    Ja-ZUS — PG is a pistol. Brother did he break on you guys.
    But. . .
    #1: The Athos and the Porthos to my Aramis”
    That just sounds . . .wrong.
    #2 I may never eat lasagna again . . .

    Surfside Jack


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