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Episode 81 – Talking With Jeremy Robinson

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This week the Dead Robots sit down to talk with author and podcaster Jeremy Robinson about his work, what he thinks of the current publishing industry, and what self-publishing has done for him. He is one of the great successes in self-publishing, he’s waded into the treachorous waters, and he’s here to help show the way for those who have the gumption to try the same. Enjoy!

Jeremy’s Website

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America POD Page



  1. Another great show and probably the most honest discussion about self-publishing vs. traditional publishing. A lot of people forget how important it is (if one is self-publishing) to hire people to do things like professional editing, book covers and book interiors and what such services cost. Your guest said it best, that if you’re going to self-publish then you have to do what the traditional publishers do.

    Keep up the excellent podcast!


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