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Is anyone having a problem with the site?

Recently we received a message from a listener who uses AVG and Avast for their virus protection. Their message said that they got a message when trying to visit our site saying there was malware here. Other than this one report, we haven’t heard anything similar from anyone else, nor have we seen it happen ourselves. Can any of you let us know if you’re getting a malware message when you visit the site? Please send an email to letting us know if you did. Thanks so much.



  1. Well for me, I usually visit the site while I’m at work and here I run FF3.10 with No script enabled and with a Finjan add-on and it does not report anything for me as far as malware goes.

  2. Agamemnon, thanks for letting us know what you’re seeing (or not seeing, as the case may be). I think that we got it licked, so hopefully this won’t be an ongoing issue. Matt Selznick worked for hours investigating it and updating our software, so all thanks and credit goes out to him. He’s an awesome domain host.


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