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Episode 89 – Slogging Through A Slump

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This week the Dead Robots discuss how to handle a slump. Sometimes you should wait it out, and sometimes sweat it out, but either way, you have to deal with it. Listen in and see if you agree with the different techniques they offer up. They also finally catch up on the feedback! w00t! was mentioned, and it is an excellent resource for those looking to submit their work.

Promo – The Prophet of Panamindorah



  1. Hey, thanks guys for playing my promo again. 🙂 I’m having another drawing for a short story over on the Prophet website, and Cowry Catchers will launch Dec 12. I’m closing in on the final voice track for Book 1, and I got more artwork for it today. It’s gonna be purty.

  2. Hello, I am going through trying to listen to writing podcasts, and I found yours highly recommended. However, I have a problem with wanting to start from the beginning. I have your episodes from 351 down to 90, but from this episode (89) downward go to pages “404 Not Found”. I have only checked the next five, but it’s not looking promising.

    Please let me know if I am able to get episodes 1-89 to listen to. Thanks very much, and I look forward to listening to your podcast!


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