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Well, I, Justin, have taken my first step on the road to controlling my own destiny. Tonight I finished putting together a chapbook and Kindle version of my short story “Pirates of the Crimson Sand.” If you would like to read it, or purchase a copy, please go to my website. I hope you do, and I really hope that you like it. Thanks.



  1. $10 is a bit pricey for a 16 page story, don’t ya think?
    Kindle price is a bit more fair.

  2. Is it? To tell the truth, I wasn’t sure what to charge for it, so I went off of what Matt Selznick was charging for his similarly sized chapbooks. When you consider that the price includes my cost for the paper, the ink, the mailing envelope, and the postage, does it still seem overpriced? The Kindle price doesn’t include any of those things (in fact is costs me absolutely nothing), so I could keep the price bare bones there. The printed version, though, has a lot more inherent costs to it. Plus, I can autograph that one! But seriously, if you guys think it’s too much, let me know what you think is fair and I’ll be more than happy to consider changing the charge.

  3. After talking to my wife about this, I’ve decided that you’re right. I’m still an unknown quantity to most people, so I understand why they might not be willing to part with $10 for my story, even with all the love I’ve poured into making the making of the chapbook. So, I’ve dropped it to $5. Is that better?


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