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  1. Glad you had a good time. Maybe next year I’ll get down there and I can buy you a drink. Looking forward to listening to your take on it all… I glanced through the little 135+ page pocket guide and the schedules for Dragon*Con and it looked more than a little bit overwhelming…

  2. It can definitely be overwhelming. That’s why you have you narrow your focus. Look through the guide and decide what tracks are really of interest to you, and then start listing out which panels you want to sit in on. That way you can see where you have openings and where you have conflicts. It probably took me a couple of hours to work my schedule all out. And, this year I actually stuck pretty close to it.

  3. There are still the same editorial costs associated with e-books as print books, in terms of copy editors and preparing the manuscript for publication. While I agree that there is a reduced cost, in terms of actually printing books on paper, etc., e-books do not circumvent the editorial process.

    People gotta get paid, in other words.

    I do feel that the price per e-book should be less than a hard cover AND that authors should be paid more per unit for e-books, as there is no physical product that could be returned by bookstores to affect sales numbers, etc. Lots to think about.


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