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  1. Thanks for the great panel, Jana. Sorry I didn’t let you guys know I was recording it. Last year I got funny looks when I asked to record writing panels, so I figured this year I would keep it more on the down-low. Over at the podcasting track they practically hand you the audio files, but the writing and sci-fi/fantasy literature tracks seem more stingy. I see my job is helping all of us poor aspiring writers learn more, and these panels go a long way toward that. Next year I’m going to get more.

    Anyway, again, thank you. I’m glad you approve.

  2. Justin
    Hey, I wouldn’t have had any hassles with you recording the panel. The more info out there, the better. Especially when it comes to self-pub and small press. If you are recording one of my panels next year, drop by and intro yourself. If I give you a blank look (which I am known to do) remind me you taped this particular panel and then the antiquated brain cells will make the connection.


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