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Pirates of the Crimson Sand – An Audio Adventure


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Hey, everyone, I am excited to announce the release of the audio version of my short story, “Pirates of the Crimson Sand.” I had a great cast of voice actors to help along the way, and they deserve a round of applause. They are:

Philippa Ballantine as Shana
J Daniel Sawyer as Braka
James Durham as Chim
Terry Mixon as The Skulper Captain
and Justin Macumber as the narrator and Swain

If you enjoy the story and would like a text version of it, you can go to my site and get it in a variety of formats, including PDF and a signed chapbook.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the story, and if you feel up to it, please let me know what you thought of it. Thank you!



  1. Good show. As for the elf-talk. I think you can make elves whatever you like. To me, so as long as they have pointed ears, they are elves.

    They don’t have to be elegant, or tall, or magical, etc. You can make them whatever you want.

    Some might say, “Call them something else” but pay that little mind.

    Regardless, you don’t need to slap a hand full of regular cliche elf things to make them elves.


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