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For those who do not know, yesterday (01/06/10), the wife of Podiobooks founder and all around great guy Tee Morris passed away due to illness. It was sudden and unexpected, and sadly she leaves behind not only a wonderful husband, but also a young daughter, neither of whom deserve this tragedy. To make things worse, they also have a mountain of debt to go along with their mourning. We can’t make their emotional mountain any easier to climb, but we can show our love and support by helping chip away at their monetary concerns. Philippa Ballantine has setup a ChipIn account, all without Tee knowing about it, to help do just that. Please take a moment and go by. Tee has been a wonderful friend to this show, and I think we can all afford to help him in his time of need.

Thank you.



  1. Tee has been a friend a mentor over the last two years. I’m so taken back buy what has happened. Please visit’s Pip’s page and donate what little you can. It will defently go a long way.

    Carl Gosline
    The Omni Bus Podcast


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