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Episode 117 – Matt Selznick Web Presence Discussion

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Terry, Ryan, and Justin sit down with author and new media mogul Matthew Wayne Selznick to talk about what writers need to think about and do to get their “brand” ready for the internet. Writing the story is only part of the adventure! We hope you enjoy!

Sites mentioned on the show:

Matt’s Website

The Shaper’s World

Justine Musk’s Website

The Boom Effect Auction Site

Promo – Jake Bible’s DEAD MECH

What is scaffolding, you ask?

Also, for those who are interested, I (Justin) answered 8 questions for Rasplundjr’s Random Pimpage blog.



  1. New listener checking in. Great show, guys. Listened to half of it and am enjoying Matt Selznick’s advice on author branding on the intarw3bz. Will be finishing up the ep.

    Oh–and you now have another listener. So that makes 5 who will be perturbed if the site goes down should the button get pushed.

  2. No worries. I’ll be sticking around. Enjoying the content. And that’s just this one episode. Looking forward to digging through the archives.

    Id’nit <—one possible variant spelling

  3. Hi guys,

    Justin had mentioned an article on “scaffolding” and that he was going to include the link to it in the show notes. It sounds like something I do all the time. Could you please post the link or point me to it if I missed it? Thanks. Love the show.

  4. Great episode. Matt has been such a help with his podcasting efforts, I’m glad he stopped by.

    I’m really considering getting my own website, but I know nothing about html code, and Matt’s offer is much better than what I’ve seen. However, I guess I could use a little more explanation about why having my name/ is enough of a hindrance as to make the investment in a domain and the fees that go with it.

    So far, I’ve made three conclusions in support of forking over the money and only one against.

    In favor: 1) I can tell someone to check out my website, and all they have to remember is my name (including middle initial) instead of my name and “” or whatever free blog site I use.
    2) It looks more professional to show that I took the initiative and made the investment.
    3) I might be able to host podcasts, haven’t spoken with Matt about that option, whereas I don’t know if blogspot offers that option – nevertheless, I wouldn’t know how to do that on blogspot, but with Matt offering his services, I could.

    Against: 1)spending money on a website without having anything to sell (my first draft of my first novel is going through an editing course with Holly Lisle, and may take awhile)
    2) I’ve seen some pretty cool blogspot websites for published authors.

  5. In my opinion, In Favor option #2 is the biggest reason. You are a brand, whether you want to be or not, and how present that brand to the world says a great deal about you. I think owning your own domain says you’re ready and able to be a professional.

  6. Thanks Justin. Have you ever heard of any agent, editor or publisher say that an author needs to get his/her own domain instead of using a free blog service?

  7. Tim, as a matter of fact no, but in this day and age you should probably get your name’s domain secured about the same time you get your Social Security Number. Pro tip to all you would-be parents out there – get that domain as soon as you name your kid. They’ll thank you later.


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