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  1. “Joined with”? Did I miss a ceremony? Are we all married now? 😉 You guys rocked, as always and I was overjoyed to talk with you. Thanks for having me!


  2. I’ve been wondering about Justin’s Skype add-ons for quite some time now. This just confirms my worst fears.

    It was fun having you on.

  3. Because, deep down inside, I’m still terrified of the shadow under the bed, I’ve gotten really good at preventing my imagination from wandering down those scary paths. Despite that, Raymond E Feist’s Faerie Tale totally freaked me out because I could not tell myself that it wasn’t possible.

    In terms of movies, I got a pretty good thrill out of the American Grudge and Ring while avoiding Gothicka because the -trailer- creeped me out. Something about the way that jitter effect is used just drives into my subconscious in a way I cannot control.


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