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Episode 128 – Writing Associations

This week Ryan, Terry, and Justin sit down with three wonderful ladies to discuss the topic of writing associations. What are they, what purpose do they serve, and should you (or can you) be part of them? Enjoy!

Our guest tonight were…

Abigail Hilton

Eliyanna Kaiser

Alison Diem

And the writer association we talked about are:

Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America

Horror Writers Association

Mystery Writers of America

Romance Writers of America

Erotica Readers & Writers Association

Terry also mentioned this Joe Konrath blog post entitled “Kindle Numbers: Traditional Publishing Vs. Self Publishing”



  1. It was fun to hear my name mentioned on a podcast I’ve listened to for quite a long time now. Good conversation. I think these kinds of things are important for aspiring writers and podcasters to think about. We all come from such different backgrounds, and have a lot to teach each other.

  2. Thanks, Bryan. I’m glad you liked it. Sometimes we writers get so wrapped up in the art of what we do that we forget there’s a whole other side to it, and if we want to be professionals — not to mention published — we need to think about that. Episodes like this bring that to light. Or, at least, I’m hoping they do.

  3. Brilliant show. Very good selection of divergent view points and a really amazing job of NOT stepping all over each other.

    Being professional does not make one a professional, though if one wishes to be taken professionally then one should act professionally.

    Got it? Did I spell everything the right way? Ha.


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