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Episode 131 – Getting a Treat from Paul E Cooley

This week the guys sit down with Paul E Cooley, author and podcaster of Closet Treats and other scary stuff! We hope you enjoy the conversation, and that you support an aspiring writer.

Paul’s Main Website

Closet Treats

His Smashwords Page

Tattoo Promo

This week’s promo – Dan Absalonson’s new short story “My Last Day”



  1. Gentlemen,

    Novice-listener to the podcast and first time commenter, but well done on this episode. It very much inspired me during my morning commute.

  2. This podcast inspires me too, to write, to write more, and to write better. You guys always seem to have been writing a lot when you go around and say what you’ve been up to, I agree, it’s inspiring! And hey, thanks for playing my promo! It is SO cool to hear a promo for my podcast on a show I’ve loved and listened to for a long time now. I really appreciate it guys! And keep up the great work!


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