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Episode 137 – Making Voices Work With Kimi Alexandre

This week Terry and Justin sit down to talk with Kimi Alexandre about what it means to be a voice actor. In this modern digital age more and more stories are hitting the air, and someone has to bring them to life. We hope you enjoy!

Kimi was kind enough to supply us with a bevy of links, so those of you looking for get into voice acting, here’s a good place to start:

Coaching and Training and Tips:
Voice Over Club
Voice Over Xtra
CourVO’s Voice-Over Blog: Voice-Acting in Vegas
Such a Voice Blog
Voice-Overs Forum
David Brower
Voiceover Universe (Ning group)
Taji’s Vo Emporium

Society of Accredited Voice Over Artists (SaVoa)
Women in Animation
Voice Acting Alliance
AFTRA (American Federation of Television and Radio Artists)
ACTRA (Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists )
SAG (Screen Actors Guild)

Voice Over Directory
Voice Bank
Voice Over Pavilion

Blue Microphones

This week’s promo – FETIDUS returns!

Oh, and if you’re interested in reading Justin’s drabble stories, you can do so at HIS WEBSITE.



  1. Hey pimps,

    Sounded good. Sorry I couldn’t be there. I was too busy playing “Giant Chess” with some guy on the street side here in Ottawa, and eating pizza from a European pizza making champ. Same ol’, same ol’.

    Oh, and I lost the chess game. Oh, and the pizza was awesome. I have pictures.



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