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  1. This trend is clearly good for ebooks, but I don’t think it spells the end of paper books. The books we buy in paper editions will probably change and the number we buy that way has already changed. But paper will probably continue to some extent for a very long time.

    Even with all of the different ways available for people to read Amazon Kindle books (phones, iPads, computers, eReaders, etc.) over one third of all books were still ordered in paper. I’m sure some of that is down to stubbornness and some of it is analogue-only books, but that’s still a lot of people paying a premium for paper.

    I found it interesting that they only covered Amazon. Though the other eReader options are in somewhat early stages, it seemed odd to read an article on ebooks that mentioned only Amazon.

  2. Amazon was the only one mentioned, but I think when it comes to on-the-go ebooks, Kindle books are the king of the hill, are they not? And probably by a wide margin?

    As for paper books still getting sold, sure they are, and they will be for years to come. But, the times are changing, and I can see a day where paper books are a premium item that only the most hardcore of readers get. I wouldn’t have thought that a couple of years ago, but now I do. More so now than ever.


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