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Episode 145 – Piloting the Flagship of Flying Island Press

This week Terry and Justin sit down with Scott Roche and Zach Ricks, two of the founders of Flying Island Press. They have big dreams over there, and to kick start their endeavor they started Flagship magazine. We hope you enjoy.

Compass – The Flying Island Blog

Additional Zach Links:

Additional Scott Links:

This week’s promo – Seth Harwood’s YOUNG JUNIUS



  1. You are using a phrase that I have decided to take issue with, and that phrase is “giving it away for free.”
    Everybody says this, and I’m begging all of you to give things away, or make them free – just don’t do both at once! It is redundant.
    Thank you.

  2. Ya know, I’ve been using that phrase for years, and it’s never occurred to me that it’s illogical. Good catch, and point taken!


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