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  1. just listened to your show. Great as usual. I wanted to touch on the negative feedback that you talked about at the end of the show.

    Vulgar talk: I do not sense a vulgar tone to this show. I teach middle school. I have heard vulgar! You aint it! I actually find your banter funny and light-hearted. Not stuffy and stuck up. That would have turned me off right away. One of the first episodes I listened to had a discussion of how Terry came second place in a evil laugh contest and clearly “does not know his limitations” or how Ryan wouldn’t look at the topless girl. You guys were human to me, I would have looked mind you…but you were human.

    The Meander: I must have the same problem cuz I am following the show. Your discussions and debate are good and as your previous call-in said. It would be boring if you agreed. The free flowing conversation is awesome and my style.

    Forums: You guys are always welcoming. Admittedly the forums are slow. It has been a bit disappointing, but I have always felt that, like Justin said, some people come to read. I would like to see more, but writers can be quite introvert sometimes. And I still look in on a semi regular basis.

    Accountability: After hearing the crap that Terry and his wife have dealt with, or when Justin lost his job and dealt with cancer in the family, or when Ryan moved, or worked or just tried to have a life, you still worked, you still try and you still have a common goal. You guys are the ones being held to accountability the most, you are public. We dont have a Hemingway lifestyle where we can cruise the world, meet people, smoke cigars and write the stories of our lives. Even when Amanda was on the show, she was young and trying to find her way in life. It is hard. I teach. My life is as a teacher, it is hard to just tell the wife “I am going to spend the night with my iMac rather than you.”

    Terry said it best. “You cant please everybody” This is the life of a writer. Take criticism for what it’s worth, listen to it, and take what you will.

    You guys have done this for 3 years with 2 parsec awards, I dont know how many respected guests, 2-3 convention visits and an upcoming anthology. You guys must be doing something right.

    Behind you all the way!
    Rob “Quixote” Williams

    PS sorry I didnt edit this. I was just wanting to get this out right away.

  2. Just to comment on the low rated review:

    Don’t try to please everyone. Being yourselves is the strength of the show.

    I actually have similar advice to Ryan. Don’t wait for someone else to come along and tell you what to fix in your writing. While those people can be helpful, the true pressure to improve should come from yourself. Get a little time distance and then read your work as if it was from someone else. Find things that need improvement based on your own tastes. If you are writing what you think someone else would want to read rather than what you want to, it will be weaker for it.


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