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  1. I just decided to skip to the end of the podcast when I saw the words “announcement”. Although I was expecting the worst, this wasn’t much a relief. I am so sorry to see you go Ryan.

    I will miss your insight and honesty. Your bluntness and your humour (yes, spelled with a U).

    I wasn’t with DRS since the beginning, but I have listened to all the episodes from #1 and this is a HUGE loss.

    The one major lesson I have learned from you Ryan is to NOT be shy in opening up your story and ideas to people you can trust. I feel very guarded with my work, like yourself, but bit by bit I have seen you open up a little more each time. It forced me to have my story proposal for the upcoming DRS anthology read by a trusted person for the very first time since I started writing. It was not easy for me, but it was a positive step. Thank you for the inspiration.

    All the best Ryan! You will be missed and I hope to hear your CDN voice on DRS again in the future.

    Raising a Molson for ya hoser!

    Rob “Quixote” Williams
    Coquitlam, BC

    PS Happy Boxing Day eh?


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