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This week the Robots have a frank, but tasteful, discussion about sex and romance, but outside the context of erotica and romance stories. We then review “Dies The Fire” by S.M. Sterling. We hope you enjoy.

Bad Sex Award

This week’s promo – Plague Birds from Dunesteef

Eli’s pick for our next book review: “I Am Not A Serial Killer” by Dan Wells.

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  1. There were many hits when I did an internet search for Biblical Erotic but most where about Song of Songs and other several places that sex is in the Bible.
    I wish I had not searched Biblical Slash.
    I think if sex is part of the story I am Okay with it but I think it might be overused.
    When you mentioned Biblical Erotica,I thought of the fantasy scene in movie Clockwork Orange after reading about Jacob and the two wives.


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