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Help Flying Island Press Benefit Autism Research

Flying Island Press is putting together an event that all of us should be proud to support. They are planning on publishing a benefit issue of their magazine, and the precedes of it will be donated to, an organization that supports autism research. To help make this issue all it can be, the are putting out a submission call for short stories that deal — in some way — with autism. The word count they are aiming for is between 2000 – 7000 words, though this is negotiable. Just contact them if that would prove to be a problem. And please, though this should be a given, please treat the issue of autism with respect.

So far as payment is concerned, this is a benefit book designed to provide money for a worthy organization, so you will not be paid for your submission. You will, though, receive a link for a free download of the digital issue, and they will provide you, out of their own pockets, a print-on-demand issue copy from Lulu or another publisher. The karmic rewards, though, are incalculable.

For more information, please go to their announcement page and learn more there. I hope all of you find this as important as we do, and that you’ll put your energies toward writing a story that you, and they, would be proud of.




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