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Episode 172 – Going To The Goblin Market With Jennifer Melzer

This week the Robots were supposed to brainstorm a book with one of our old co-hosts, but he couldn’t make it, so Jennifer Melzer was kind enough to step up and help us make a new episode out of it. We discuss her writings and self-publishing. Enjoy.

Jennifer’s website
Jennifer’s Kickstarter Campaign
Desirèe Isphording
Elena Dudina’s DeviantArt site



  1. Clarifying the issues brought up regarding CreateSpace-

    1- You don’t have to put your book into the Amazon system. Each book gets its own “e-store” so you can sell a limited edition that way, and shut it down whenever you like.

    2- CreateSpace price structure is much, much better than Lulu’s.

    3- CreateSpace doesn’t do hardcovers.

  2. Another great listen! Thanks, DRS; Jennifer was great to hear from.

    I think, in general, the ‘industry’ is on the front end of a really big thing with ‘indie publishing’, and it’s a long way yet from cresting. Very exciting times!

    thanks again for great content.


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