DRS Episode 178 – Wandering The Wilds Of Publishing

This week the Robots, plus RYAN, sit down to talk about the current state of publishing and what their place is in it. It’s a long talk, but hopefully you’ll enjoy it. We also review Stephen King’s “Under The Dome.”

In the show Terry mentioned a banning at AbsoluteWrite of Robin Sullivan and Kevin McLaughin. Here are their takes on what happened:

Robin Sullivan’s Blog Post
Kevin McLaughlin’s Blog Post

This week’s promo – Tuning Into SciFi TV

This week we reviewed Stephen King’s “Under The Dome,” and next up is Nora Robert’s “Montana Sky.”


2 thoughts on “DRS Episode 178 – Wandering The Wilds Of Publishing”

  1. Another great podcast, lady and gents.

    Rank me among the folks who thought Under the Dome was long-winded and could’ve used about 200-300 fewer pages than what it had. As well, I wouldn’t have minded if the source of the dome had been left a mystery.

    As for the AW fiasco: wow. I pretty much stick to lurking a few message boards, but don’t really participate because things tend to degrade to nonsense like this way too often.

  2. Hey guys – a great podcast. I really like the diversity of opinions that were expressed and guess what…you are all 100% correct. What I mean by that is there are many paths these days and none of them are “right” or “wrong” – just fit better for a particular author.

    And to Terry – thanks for defending my honor about the banning. I think it is unfortunate because silencingn an opinion is never the answer. I also think that I conducted myself in a professional manner. If I had gotten frustrated and “went postal” I could understand the action – but the reality is the conversation was actully quite civil.

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