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DRS Episode 178 – Wandering The Wilds Of Publishing

This week the Robots, plus RYAN, sit down to talk about the current state of publishing and what their place is in it. It’s a long talk, but hopefully you’ll enjoy it. We also review Stephen King’s “Under The Dome.”

In the show Terry mentioned a banning at AbsoluteWrite of Robin Sullivan and Kevin McLaughin. Here are their takes on what happened:

Robin Sullivan’s Blog Post
Kevin McLaughlin’s Blog Post

This week’s promo – Tuning Into SciFi TV

This week we reviewed Stephen King’s “Under The Dome,” and next up is Nora Robert’s “Montana Sky.”



  1. Another great podcast, lady and gents.

    Rank me among the folks who thought Under the Dome was long-winded and could’ve used about 200-300 fewer pages than what it had. As well, I wouldn’t have minded if the source of the dome had been left a mystery.

    As for the AW fiasco: wow. I pretty much stick to lurking a few message boards, but don’t really participate because things tend to degrade to nonsense like this way too often.

  2. Hey guys – a great podcast. I really like the diversity of opinions that were expressed and guess what…you are all 100% correct. What I mean by that is there are many paths these days and none of them are “right” or “wrong” – just fit better for a particular author.

    And to Terry – thanks for defending my honor about the banning. I think it is unfortunate because silencingn an opinion is never the answer. I also think that I conducted myself in a professional manner. If I had gotten frustrated and “went postal” I could understand the action – but the reality is the conversation was actully quite civil.


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