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Episode 183 – Good Writing Days And Bad With David Wood

This week the robots chat with David Wood about his self-publishing success, the formation of his small press, his newer novels, and then we transition into a discussion about good writing days and bad ones based on a blog post he made on his site. Enjoy!

David’s Wedsite
David’s “David Debord” Website
Gryphonwood Press
David also mentioned Focus Booster

I mentioned the Spotify online music service. Click on that link and you can bath in the ocean of music they offer with me. Wouldn’t that be nice? All of us bathing together? Right? Hello?

This week’s promo – Old Spice. I mean, Flying Island Press.

Also, please go and checkout Terry’s new book. You can download the Kindle version from Amazon using this pretty picture:

Or you can go HERE and find a number of other ways and formats to choose from for free for the rest of July. You can also earn some cool prizes. Pick up a copy and don’t forget to show him some review love.



  1. Fun interview, covering a lot of topics. From small press publishing to Google+, to what keeps one away from writing…like fun podcasts 😉


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